The Talitha-Life program for women religious offers women who face personal and interpersonal challenges the spiritual, psychological and physical care needed to flourish in a healthy life and ministry.

Residential Program

Our Talitha-Life Program for women religious focuses on individual healing and skill-building for healthy community life, and helps women struggling with challenges such as anxiety, stress and burnout, addictions, hoarding, history of trauma, boundary issues, and depression and other mood disorders.  

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Our new brochure has details on Talitha-Life and othe programs for women at Saint Luke Institute.

Continuing Care

Healing is a process. Saint Luke Institute offers a comprehensive Continuing Care Program that includes up to five years of follow-up care, goals and action steps, a re-entry workshop with a local support team, follow-up contact for the individual and leadership, and periodic renewal weeks at Saint Luke Institute. 

Halfway House

Halfway House is a transitional program for individuals who have completed residential treatment, but need additional time to integrate treatment gains in a less structured environment before returning to community. The program also can help those who have relapsed.

Outpatient Therapy

Individual and group therapy can address challenges such as stress, anger, burnout, addictions, trauma, depression and boundaries.

Outpatient services are available at: