Saint Luke offers residential, outpatient programs, transitional and
continuing care programs for men.

Comprehensive Care

Saint Luke Institute is a resource for healthy ministry, offering consultation for bishops, major superiors and their collaborators; integrated psychological and spiritual candidate assessments; and residential and outpatient treatment.

Residential Program for Men

The residential program is designed to provide the time needed for intensive treatment in a residential environment. This program seeks to help a man move toward healing, recovery and discernment with his bishop or major superior about his life and ministry.

Residents participate in individual and group therapy, spiritual formation, experiential therapy, psycho-education, nutritional counseling, physical health assessments, exercise and, when appropriate, 12-step recovery programs.

Patient-staff conferences are held at regular intervals and the diocesan or community liaison receives oral and written feedback about client progress on an ongoing basis.

Residents also participate in social activities, planned with staff oversight, building social skills and practicing coping strategies learned in treatment.

Ongoing Support

Recovery and healing is a process, so Saint Luke Institute also offers a range of additional support services that include: