continuing care for women

The Talitha-Life Program for women religious offers continuing care for a woman religious after she completes residential treatment at Saint Luke Institute and returns to her community.

Continuing Care

The Continuing Care Program provides ongoing support for the sister for five years. She starts working with her continuing care therapist while still in the Talitha-Life residential program, preparing for the transition back to community.

Continuing Care Contract

This contract, developed by the woman religious, her therapist and continuing care therapist, identifies specific goals and action steps developed by the woman religious in the areas of recovery. These may include physical, emotional/social health, spiritual and psychological health, work/ministry and accountability to her community.

Therapist Support

The sister speaks weekly by telephone with her continuing care therapist during her first 4-6 weeks back home, prior to her Re-Entry Workshop. This provides critical support in those first few weeks in her regular environment.

The therapist also is available to the sister's superior for consultation during this important time.

Support Team and Re-entry Workshop

Approximately 4-6 weeks after the return home, the continuing care therapist facilitates a Re-entry Workshop with the sister and a local support team. This workshop:

  • Provides the woman the opportunity to share her treatment experience and the needs she has identified for continued recovery and healing
  • Educates the community about special needs of the sister
  • Responds to needs and concerns expressed by members of the community
  • Helps the group develop skills to support and challenge the sister in her healing 

Renewal Weeks

During three to five years after leaving Saint Luke's residential program, the sister returns for periodic renewal weeks. These are opportunities to assess progress and reinforce treatment gains.

Outpatient Therapy

Outpatient counseling is available at Saint Luke Center (Louisville, KY), Caritas Counseling Center (Silver Spring and Baltimore, MD) and the St. Louis Consultation Center (St. Louis, MO). Our clinical staff also can assist a woman religious in identifying a therapist where she lives.