continuing care for men

The Continuing Care Program for men provides ongoing support for priests after they complete residential care and return to their diocese or religious community

Continuing Care

The goal of continuing care is to support a successful transition for a priest back to his diocese or religious community.

Continuing Care Therapist

Each priest is assigned a continuing care therapist while still in residential treatment, to help ensure a smooth transition. The therapist helps develop a continuing care contract, and holds weekly telephone calls for at least the first 4-6 weeks the priest is back home.

Continuing Care Contract

The priest, his primary residential therapist and continuing care therapist develop a contract with specific goals and action steps related to recovery.

Consultation for Leadership

The continuing care therapist is available as a resource for the bishop, major superior and their collaborators who may have questions during or after the transition.

Support Team and Re-entry Workshop

About 4-6 weeks after a priest returns to his diocese or community, the continuing care therapist facilitates a re-entry workshop with his local support team. During the workshop, the therapist:

  • Reviews the contract and treatment process with the individual and support team
  • Helps the group develop skills to support and challenge the individual

Renewal Weeks

The priest returns to Saint Luke Institute for periodic renewal weeks at six month to one-year intervals over three to five years. Options are available to assist in scheduling these structured workshops; many clients attend with others who were in treatment with them.