continuing care

Recovery and healing is a process. Saint Luke Institute provides ongoing support after residential treatment is over to help ensure a successful return to ministry.

Continuing Care

The Saint Luke Institute Continuing Care Program provides the support an individual needs to transition from residential treatment back into life in the diocese or community.

Transition planning begins while clients are in the residential program. Each resident is assigned a continuing care therapist, and starts working with him or her to prepare for the return home.

This therapist also is available as a resource for the person's superior during and after the transition home, as another way to support a successful return.

What is Included

The program takes a layered approach designed to support the individual and community, and reinforce the gains made in treatment:

  • Continuing care contract with goals and action steps
  • Initial weekly telephone contact with a continuing care therapist
  • Consultation for leadership
  • Re-entry workshop with a local support team
  • Periodic renewal weeks at Saint Luke Institute