Lukenotes 2005-2006


Vol. 5: Lessons Learned from a Marathon

Training for and running a marathon is similar to the 12-step recovery process. The 12 promises of the freedom of a happy life require one to face one’s fears and emotions, building a support system, facing one’s setbacks and challenges and moving forward.

Vol. 4: Timeshifting

An examination of the benefits of timeshifting – the capacity to consciously shift our rhythms and its benefits to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lives.  By increasing awareness of the moments during our day, we will be able to enjoy the rich journey of life.

Vol. 3: Fitness: A Whole Body Approach

An overview of how a fitness program should have variety and a mix of different exercise options that focus on cardio, muscular, and skeletal health.  The article examines the benefits of such classes as yoga and pilates in that while you may not break a sweat, there are still many physiological benefits.

Vol. 2: Art Therapy and Healing

The benefits of art psychotherapy and how to incorporate this therapy into treatment programs: overview of the group therapy setting, how it is utilized to explore feelings and experiences from one’s past and the benefits of accessing and expressing one’s feelings.

Vol. 1: Understanding and Treating Psychoses and Schizophrenia

Understanding delusions, hallucinations, and psychotic episodes are part of the basis for understanding schizophrenia, which typically has its onset in early adulthood and is believed to have a genetic correlation. Diagnosis and treatment options are explained which requires a team approach and a multi-faceted array of treatment options including medication, group and individual therapy and other specialists to help equip one to adjust to the new treatment regimen and ultimately benefit from the hoped for positive outcomes.


Vol. 5: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Adults 

A clinical explanation of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adults including prevalence and symptoms, which often go undetected into adulthood. Causes, impact and treatment options of ADHD are outlined, which include medication, psychotherapy and cognitive therapy.

Vol. 4: Mindfulness: Living with the Lights on 

Practicing mindfulness as a means to improve one’s quality of life is examined and techniques for achieving mindfulness are discussed. These include formal and informal meditation and the resulting benefits include increased awareness of thoughts and feelings, acceptance of the ways things are, and greater compassion towards one’s self and others.

Vol. 3: Busyness and Its Unintended Consequences

An overview of how our culture esteems busyness but the detrimental effects of busyness in one’s spiritual, emotional and even physical life. Explanations of the possible underlying reasons for busyness as well as basic, easy treatment options are discussed including letting go of unrealistic expectations, restoring a spiritual life balance and balancing work and play are all discussed.

Vol. 2: Understanding and Treating Bipolar Disorder

An overview of bipolar disorder or manic-depression, including an explanation of the manic and depressive characteristics of this illness and how it is often misdiagnosed, as well as treatment options and how they often are integrated together

Vol. 1: Spontaneity and Health

An overview of how spontaneity, positively modeled, allows one to adjust to situations, events, people, or circumstances that may prove stressful. Characteristics of positive spontaneity including consistency, connection, compensation, creativity and contemporaniety are examined in this article.