consultation for leadership

Saint Luke Institute is available as a professional resource for Church leaders in the area of integrated psychological and spiritual wellness. We offer consultation, evaluation and assessment services.

Expert Assistance

Saint Luke Institute’s consultation services provide the expert assistance you need.

We have a highly qualified staff of clinicians, physical wellness professionals and spiritual formators. With 35 years of experience treating clergy and religious, we understand the challenges of ministry. Our leadership team and clinicians are available to assist bishops, provincials, major superiors and other Church leaders in supporting wellness among clergy and religious, including when and how to intervene.

We also offer a number of specific consultation services geared toward your needs:

Evaluation Services

The five-day, on-site evaluation provides a comprehensive look at a person's mental, physical and spiritual health:

  • Psychological, spiritual and psychosocial interviews
  • Examination by a physician
  • Psychological and physical tests
  • Comprehensive feedback and recommendations.

The superior or his/her delegate and the person participating in the evaluation both receive comprehensive oral feedback and recommendations at the conclusion of the evaluation week, and a detailed written report within two weeks. This evaluation includes specific recommendations tailored the person's needs. These may or may not include residential or outpatient care through Saint Luke Institute or another program.

Candidate Assessment Program

The Institute’s two-day, integrated psychological and spiritual assessment for candidates in discernment to enter the priesthood, permanent diaconate or religious life is conducted by a three-person team that is experienced, knowledgeable and supportive of the Church’s expectations for candidates. It includes pre-assessment personal and spirituality profiles, interviews and psychological tests, and oral and detailed written feedback.
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Risk Assessment

Our risk assessment program provides resources to help guide the development of a safety plan.